How to add automated translation to a webservice with ServiceStack

When we develop an application or a website, it can be useful to have our content automatically translated.

In this tutorial we’ll add to an application a function that can be used to automatically translates text. We’ll build a simple and generic webservice with the capability of selecting the provider that we can use for the translation.

We’ll use these tools:

Full code available on Github

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How to send push notifications to mobile devices with ServiceStack and PushSharp

PushSharp is a c# library, useful for sending Push Notifications to a very large range of devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome, Amazon, etc.). It allows you to generalize the sending of push notifications, without worrying about the type of device that will receive it.

We’ll use ServiceStack as a framework for building a simple webservice.

Full code available on Github

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ServiceStack Tutorial: How to upload and download binary files from Azure

ServiceStack is an excellent framework for creating WebServices with dotNet. When I first started to build SOA in C#, I inevitably ran into the slowness and heaviness of WCF and the immaturity of Web APIs.
Looking for alternatives, I came across ServiceStack’s site. I discovered this elegant, well-designed, fast and intuitive framework.

If you’re not familiar with ServiceStack, I suggest you to read this brief introduction on the official website.

This tutorial will deal with the issue of uploading/downloading binary files to/from Azure via ServiceStack. I’ll assume a basic knowledge of ServiceStack and Azure.

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Cloudflare, CDN, protezione DDOS e SSL gratis per tutti

In questi giorni, per esigenze lavorative, mi sono ritrovato a dover cercare una CDN affidabile e a prezzi abbordabili.

Una CDN (Content Delivery Network), per chi non lo sapesse, è una rete che consente di distribuire contenuti statici (immagini, html, javascript, ecc) su diversi nodi sparsi per il mondo.


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