ServiceStack Tutorial: How to upload and download binary files from Azure

ServiceStack is an excellent framework for creating WebServices with dotNet. When I first started to build SOA in C#, I inevitably ran into the slowness and heaviness of WCF and the immaturity of Web APIs.
Looking for alternatives, I came across ServiceStack’s site. I discovered this elegant, well-designed, fast and intuitive framework.

If you’re not familiar with ServiceStack, I suggest you to read this brief introduction on the official website.

This tutorial will deal with the issue of uploading/downloading binary files to/from Azure via ServiceStack. I’ll assume a basic knowledge of ServiceStack and Azure.

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Cloudflare, CDN, protezione DDOS e SSL gratis per tutti

In questi giorni, per esigenze lavorative, mi sono ritrovato a dover cercare una CDN affidabile e a prezzi abbordabili.

Una CDN (Content Delivery Network), per chi non lo sapesse, è una rete che consente di distribuire contenuti statici (immagini, html, javascript, ecc) su diversi nodi sparsi per il mondo.


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